Hints and Tips

Its not that bad – have fun creating !! make sure you get the right size – we can help with that.

Make sure you give your curtains an iron as they will have packaging creases – we can't help you with that.

Care labels are on the curtains for cleaning. We recommend purchasing  a can of scotchguard and spraying your curtains along the hem and sides.

Ask  for free colour swatches to help make your choice as computer images are never as good as the touchy, feely thing.

We only deal with  reputable companies and source A grade goods – however remember you are buying a ready made product – we do  not open and check each packet before it is despatched, so if you have a problem and your goods and faulty - sorry and we will exchange.


After the ' hard work' is done (removing the newspaper from the windows), sit back and admire the lovely new look you have created with  the help and advice from the fantastic team at Discount Curtains !!!! Marvel at the small price tag you paid  for your million dollar look  and  smile when your family and friends say 'WOW' !


Cheers from Kathy and Chris


Discount Curtains
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P.S. It's ok by us to let everyone know about how great we are :)


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