Rods & Tracks

This is kind of the boring stuff,but still important. Now that you have had fun selecting the style/colour of curtain you want to dress up your home, you need to hang them on something (unless that something is already in place).

So.....(deep breath) let us explain...


Hanging Eyelet Curtains

rodsEyelet curtains simply slide onto a rod. We recommend 19mm for narrow windows and a 29mm diameter rod for really wide windows. The end brackets of the rods need to be placed a little wider than the windows to frame the window properly and allow all available light to come in when the curtains are open. Large windows will need a centre bracket as well for added support. The whole set up is placed higher than the window to suit the drop of the readymade curtain and you need to allow about 2cm clearance off the floor. rods


Don't be afraid to install the brackets into the gyprock - that's what needs to happen to get that professional look. Just be sure to use the proper wall toggles to anchor the brackets (purchase these at your local hardware store -ask for advice if not sure).


Hanging Pinch Pleat Curtains



On a Track

curtain on tracks

You need to be a little more exact for sizing. If you hang your curtains on a track the track is covered when curtains are closed and exposed when open -unless the track is under a pelmet.


Use our simple guide, because we are working with a readymade (a fixed size) we need to work backwards (for sizing only - we are not backwards at all !!! )


Readymade Pinch Pleat Curtain Size Maximun Track Length

 To cover 120cm (60cm + 60cm) 90cm
180cm (90cm+ 90cm) 150cm
240cm (120cm+120cm) 210cm
300cm (150cm+150cm) 270cm


Sorry if this is getting complicated …...


Note the track length MUST be less than the total curtain width because tracks have return brackets (the bit at the end of the track where the curtain wraps around to stop the light - these require approx 20cm of curtain width) and the overlap arms (in the middle of the track where the curtain meets - requires about 10cm). So 30cm of your curtain needs to be allowed for a track fitting.


Trust us, if you follow this advice your curtain will look great hanging on your track !!!!

To hang pinch pleat curtains you will need the n0 1 hooks (refer to photo)



On a Rod and Rings

rods and rings

The curtain once fitted with the proper hooks, is placed onto the rings and hangs from under the ring leaving the rod and rings exposed - this is OK - i'ts meant to look like that. I'ts a decorative look and there are many colours of rods to choose from so you can match your colour to your décor.

rods and rings

You will need to use the no 5 hook for this look (refer to photo).



Again remember to work with your curtain drop and allow about 2 cm clearance off the floor.

Remember with pinch pleat curtains, when open they take up a fair bit of room on the track or rod. They do not stack back as well as eyelet curtains. For this reason, we recommend using tie backs.